Annamie Paul, leader of Green Party of Canada, with former leader Elizabeth May in background

The Green Party of Canada (GPoC) is in freefall. When Jenica Atwin, the Green MP for Fredericton NB, crossed the aisle to join the Liberals, thirty-three percent of the Green Party Caucus went with her. Only two of the original three Green MPs remain: Paul Manley and the GPoC founder Elizabeth May. The current leader of the party, Annamie Paul is under fire from party members and facing a leadership review, and the executive committee fired her long-time advisor, Noah Zatsman. Instead of blossoming into a new political force, the Green Party is lost in the weeds.

But what is…

Lessons from My Second Great Pandemic: What HIV can teach us about COVID-19.

That sinking feeling is back. It has been a long time, but I recognize it immediately. A mixture of fear, anger and resignation. Dark clouds have formed over the world, and we can only wait until they pass on their own time. It is that sad understanding that humans are fragile, ignorant creatures and often incapable of doing what is best. There is a sense of an impending disaster that will claim millions of lives, but no one will really notice. But there is also a silent…

Canada’s Jan Brady Syndrome

“Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” It’s always about Marsha. That was Jan Brady’s chronic complaint about being overshadowed by her prettier and more successful older sister on the iconic TV series “The Brady Bunch”. As anyone who grew up between 1960 and 1990 knows, Jan Brady’s situation came to define the ultimate middle child syndrome. Overshadowed by the older, more famous sibling and neglected by parents showering care and concern on the youngest one.

So, it is with Canada.

The idea of treating the Commonwealth of Nations as a “family of nations” might be more accurate than most…

Independence Day comes at the height of summer. The explosion of fireworks reflects the energy of youth as America moved out of the house from Mother Britain in 1776. Her eldest son struck out on his own to establish a City on the Hill on the other side of the planet and to bring freedom and democracy to the world.

And like many adolescents, America saw limitless possibility ahead and saw less of the political history that it inherited from Britain. The Declaration of Independence was less of revolutionary new idea and more of the culmination of the struggle for…

Fifteen years ago, as we sat in line waiting to move back the border into Canada, the country of my birth, I turned to my partner in the other seat gave him the secret to understanding his new country: “The thing to understand about Canada is that inconsistency is always the rule. If you are okay with that, you will get along fine here”, I said.

And in the 15 years since I have returned here, I have become more and more convinced that the key to Canada’s success is its ability to create flexible solutions and that often unwritten…

David C. Rumsey

Writer, translator, teacher…perpetual learner. Looking to bring civility back to civilization.

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